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    epitaxy:    Rutile upon Hematite



epitaxy: Rutile upon Hematite
  Photo:Monika Günther
Epitaxy: Rutile upon Hematite
Acicular orange crystals of Rutile (TiO2, ditetragonal - dipyramidal, 4/mmm),
in three directions orientated and grown upon Hematite (Fe2O3, hexagonal - scalenohedral,-3m).
Novo Horizonte, Bahia, Brazil.
Width of the piece:2 cm. Inv.No. 99/23.
crystal drawing, epitaxy: Rutile upon Hematite

crystal drawing: epitaxy   Rutile upon Hematite
acicular crystals of Rutile crystallographically orientated in 3 directions upon a Hematite crystal
Rutile crystals: elongated, parallel to the c-axis,  {100}+{110}+{111}
Hematite crystall: tabular on {0001}, here: view perpendicular on {0001}
last version: oct 2009